7 Tips for Choosing a Construction Project Management Software

Builderhead is a modern software for construction project development, construction management, and project management. The software combines portfolio management, project management and collaboration.

We have listed five reasons why Builderhead is an excellent choice for managing construction projects. Check the list below.

Modern Tools Designed for Construction Project Management

Generic project management tools often don’t align perfectly with the needs and practices of the industry without customization. Customizing software can consume significant resources and the end result might still lack important features.

Builderhead is truly designed to align with the operational models of the real estate, energy, and construction sectors. As a result, you can quickly implement the software and benefit from the best practices of the industry. We’ve made user experience a top priority and teamed up with industry experts to create the best project management tool for the industry.

Project Portfolio and Individual Project in same place

With Builderhead, you can manage your entire project portfolio and delve into individual projects seamlessly, eliminating the need to switch between different tools. This fosters better information flow between team members, enhances situational awareness, and simplifies reporting. On top of that, you reduce the fragmentation of data across different platforms.

Improved Collaboration

Different document management systems play a crucial role in construction project management. Builderhead offers modern document management and collaboration features. You can effortlessly share documents, assign tasks, or engage in discussions with different teams and external partners, all in one place. This streamlines collaboration for every stakeholder and keeps the data in order.

Common Playbook

Project managers often have their own way of doing things and that can easily create problems to the company. Builderhead helps you to establish a clear playbook for your company, enabling you to leverage the best practices across the organization. A playbook is a documented collection of best practices. It includes tasks, documents, and quality processes, ensuring successful project outcome. Builderhead also allows you to apply the playbook to your every project.

Real-Time Overview

The absence of a real-time overview hinders decision-making and exposes projects to errors. With Builderhead, you can monitor project progress, resources, schedules, and budgets in real time. This helps you to identify potential issues or delays and take necessary corrective actions.

In Summary

Builderhead offers a comprehensive and effective approach to construction project management. It empowers you to manage all projects in one place, optimize resources, transparently share information, and track project progress in real time.

Builderhead team

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Toni Martikainen

Toni wants to help construction companies take advantage of the opportunities brought by digitalization. He is interested in understanding how the industry works and is always ready to talk about technologies in the industry.

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