Manage your project portfolio with success

Unlock the potential of your project portfolio with Builderhead.

Project portfolio

Replace complex project spreadsheets

With Builderhead, you can easily see your entire portfolio on a list, map, pipeline and timeline.  Dive deeper into your portfolio with versatile filters.

Construction management software

Project pipelines

Visualize the progress of your projects

Organize your projects into pipelines and see the key information for each project. Tailor pipeline stages according to your preferences.

Project information

All project information at your fingertips

Maintain all the information and documents of your projects in one place. Easily share important information with all project stakeholders.

Read what our customers say about Builderhead

“Builderhead offers a user-friendly platform for managing our project portfolio and a way to streamline our development process.”

Tuomas Hemmilä,
Toivo Group

“Builderhead is exactly what we have been looking for. They provide software that serves the business needs of any construction company. ”

Jorma Kilpeläinen,
SSA Rakennus

“Builderhead is a very clear, easy and flexible ERP and project management system that is truly made for the construction industry.”

Anne Tervahauta,
Sievi Hyvinvointitilat

Why to choose Builderhead?


Project management 2.0

Builderhead is a versatile collaboration and project management software that replaces multiple different tools. You save time, money, and effort by being able to track and manage all your projects in one place.


Tailored for the industry

Builderhead provides industry-specific tools. We have taken into account the requirements, terminology, and workflows of the real estate, energy and construction sector.


Efficient collaboration with your organization and partners

With Builderhead, your organization can easily share information and communicate with the project team and external partners.

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