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“Builderhead offers a user-friendly platform for project development and helps to streamline our process.”

Tuomas Hemmilä,
Toivo Group

“Builderhead is exactly what we have been looking for. They offer software that serves the business needs of the construction industry.”

Jorma Kilpeläinen
SSA Rakennus

“We chose Builderhead because it well met our needs in project management and development. We can now clearly manage our projects in one place throughout their entire lifecycle.”

Elina Esko,
Sievi Asunnot

“Builderhead is a very clear, easy, and flexible production control and project management system, genuinely made for the construction industry.”

Anne Tervahauta,
Sievi Hyvinvointitilat

“Builderhead greatly facilitated the transfer of work to substitutes when I took a 4-month leave! I was able to appoint substitutes for my projects’ tasks and write my own comments for the tasks. Now the task list is up-to-date, and I can go on leave with peace of mind.”

Lauri Österberg,
Sievi Hyvinvointitilat Oy


“Previously, the management of SSA’s operating models was distributed between Excels and several different tools. With the help of Builderhead, a transparent, efficient, and standardized operating model was enabled, making project management easier than before.”

Tommi Heikkilä,
SSA Rakennus


“Over the years, we have developed a good model for carrying out projects, but project information was scattered in various places. With Builderhead, we can conveniently make the best practices available to everyone, and information is found in one place.”

Anna Ritonummi,

“With the help of Builderhead, we can bring all project information together and use it to move projects forward. The software ensures that things progress as agreed and in accordance with the best practices.”

Tuomo Mertaniemi,
CORE Properties


“Builderhead is a modern and user-friendly software for project management of renovation construction projects. The clear overview provided by Builderhead helps us to operate more efficiently and focus on serving our customers.”

Jani Rintala,

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