Every construction company has one or several operating models for its projects. However, it is also very common that the models are heavily reliant on the project manager in lead. As a result, unpredictable risks can arise and forecasting is hard. 

Construction companies, like any other business, can benefit greatly from having a clear and standardized operating model for projects. This model is often called a project playbook. It combines tasks, documents, and quality processes that ensure a successful project. Here are several reasons why construction companies should create a playbook for projects.

Reason 1: Improved communication

A playbook can help to improve communication within the project team and ensure that everyone is on the same page regarding project goals, processes, upcoming tasks and deadlines. This makes communication more efficient and minimizes the broken phone effect.

Reason 2: Better transparency

By having a clear understanding of upcoming tasks and other duties, everyone can make more informed and consistent decisions. This helps to avoid misunderstandings and ensures that every member of the project team knows what should be done next. This will also save time by not having to do constant status checks via email or phone.

Reason 3: Increased productivity

A playbook can streamline processes and standardize procedures, leading to increased productivity. When the best operating model is applied to every project, everyone can be as productive as the best project manager in the company. This helps the project team and the company to save time and resources, and ultimately increase profitability of the projects.

Reason 4: Consistent operating model for construction projects

A project playbook can help to establish and maintain a consistent operating model. This is important for companies looking to minimize possible risks and maintain good quality. Besides, this makes it easy for companies to improve their way of working from project to project. A playbook is also an excellent way to share knowledge from senior employees to junior employees.

Reason 5: Improved planning and forecasting

When the project model and processes are different for every project manager, it will keep your forecasts unclear, quality inconsistent, and affect your planning . With a common and standardized operating model construction companies can make well-informed decisions about the future. This helps them to identify potential challenges and opportunities, and prepare accordingly.


In conclusion, creating a playbook for your project management can be a valuable tool for construction companies of all sizes. By providing a clear roadmap for success and improving communication, decision-making, productivity, and forecasting, a playbook can help ensure that every project will be a success.

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Toni Martikainen

Toni wants to help construction companies take advantage of the opportunities brought by digitalization. He is interested in understanding how the industry works and is always ready to talk about technologies in the industry.

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