Rakka was looking for a tool that could help them to streamline the company’s project development. After seeing what Builderhead can do, they decided to test it out. 

“We were looking for a modern construction management tool to give us more visibility to our project pipeline. After a long search, we came across Builderhead and got excited about its innovative approach,” commented Hannu Riekki, the CEO of Rakka.

With Builderhead, you lead project development successfully. Its phase gate feature ensures that the criteria required by the company are met with every step of the process.

“Builderhead allows us to see at a glance what projects we have on the table and how much revenue we will generate from them. In short, you could say that Builderhead will do what it promises and we look forward to see where it develops,” adds Hannu Riekki.


Rakka has focused on building high-quality houses in the Helsinki metropolitan area.

Builderhead is an easy-to-use software that helps builders and general contractors successfully complete construction projects.

More information:
Julius Tuomikoski, +358 50 522 1264, julius.tuomikoski@builderhead.io

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