A pioneering Finnish construction company J.Malm wanted to improve their portfolio and project management with modern technology. Builderhead brings all projects into one platform and offers versatile tools for efficient project management.

With Builderhead, we have gained better visibility into our entire project portfolio and are able to ensure that critical task are done in time. Besides Builderhead helps us to standardize the best operating models and scale them for each project. ” , says Mikko Suopanki, CEO of J.Malm.

Builderhead is an easy-to-use construction management software that combines a portfolio, projects, teams, tasks, partners, and schedules.

“We want continuously improve the profitability, efficiency, and quality of our business. Besides the software, Builderhead’s team is a great partner for that,” adds project manager Eero Hyvärinen.

J.Malm We are a family company from Kangasala, Finland, founded in 1978. Our success is based on continuous development, flexibility, customer orientation, and professional staff.

Builderhead is an easy-to-use software that helps builders and general contractors successfully complete construction projects.

More information:
Julius Tuomikoski, +358 50 522 1264, julius.tuomikoski@builderhead.io

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