Builderhead for Developers

Growing company looking for new team members

We are developing a product that helps construction companies to avoid unprofitable projects by bringing people, tasks, documents and all the other important tools under one roof.


For developers we offer a highly rewarding environment where you can dive deeper into functional programming, sharpen your skills together with skilled co-workers and complex business problems to solve. 

Technologies We Work With

We strongly believe in mentoring. If you have a long background with other technologies but would like to swift for example to Clojure then ping us up.

We are committed to Clojure. This includes our back-end services (Datomic, Clojure, GraphQL) and front-end SPAs (React, ClojureScript, Reagent, re-frame, and Tailwind CSS).

Everything is deployed to AWS with CloudFormation templates. We have full CI/CD for everything and infrastructure as code.

Our culture

To be honest our dev culture is still forming so you will have a big impact on it.

We value doing things well, good test coverage, and continuous learning while also shipping often and focusing on iterative development.

We currently have offices in Vantaa and Tallinn. However you can work from wherever you want.

Our values are Joy, Humanity and Drive.

Get to build product with Clojure.

Be an owner. We have an option program.

Influence your working hours and holidays.

Choose tools and devices you want.

Meet the people

Sami - Operations & Development

Sami is Builderhead’s co-founder and CEO. He is a sales & marketing professional, product development geek and a passionate business developer.

Julius tuomikoski

Julius - Growth

Julius is Builderhead’s co-founder and father for four. He wants to help companies to improve the profitability of construction projects and believes that new technologies will play a significant role in this.

Sven - Development

Sven is Builderhead’s CTO. He is an idealistic professional who is always ready to mentor you with Clojure.

Sander - Development

Sander has been building software for more than a decade. He believes that an agile mindset applied to a real-world problem is a match made in heaven.
In his spare time, Sander is passionate about data science and the Clojure ecosystem.

Toni - Growth

Toni spends his days working with the growth. He takes care of our marketing, analytics and CRM. On his free time he is history and tech nerd.

Andrus - Development

After having more than 15 years of web development experience, I’m still able to enjoy both small and big wins, but also handle the stress of product lifecycle.  I’ve worked in fancy offices and remotely from home, have produced code in buses and trains. I wrote some books just for fun. And still writing! 🙂

Mikk - Development

Mikk - Development

Having nearly a decade worth of development experience under his belt, Mikk is now testing the functional waters with Clojure and loving it. Having too many hobbies to comfortably count and being a father of two, he is consistently trying to squeeze out as much as possible from the standard 24-hour day.

Tarmo - Development

Tarmo - Development

Tarmo has a passion for front-end development. He learning every day and trying to keep himself up-to-date. Even though the frontend ecosystem is changing rapidly, he believes strong fundamentals are the key to success.

Our Recruitment Process

We try to keep our recruitment process smooth as possible. We want to offer you an easy way to get to know each other.

First step: You will meet our CTO or CEO

In this meeting we talk about your future plans and get to know you as a person and dive deeper into your skillset. 

Second step: Meet your future team and colleagues

You will meet your future colleagues and have chance to ask questions. You can meet people from other teams too.

Besides these meetings you can have additional meetings with the founders or other team members. After these meetings it is up to you how fast you want to continue. If you decided to join us, we will make paperwork and start working together.


Open positions

Send us open application or check our open positions below.