In this series, we interview Builderhead users. We had the pleasure of talking to Anne Tervahauta from Sievi Hyvinvointilat who shared her experience with Builderhead.

Who are you and what do you do at Sievi?

I am Anne Tervahauta and I work as a developer agent. My job includes setting up real estate companies and managing them during construction. In addition, my work covers various administrative tasks, onboarding and marketing. Among other things, I work as the main user of Builderhead in Sievi .

How would you describe Builderhead?

Builderhead is an easy and flexible construction management system. One of the biggest advantages of the software is its customizability and the overall user experience. We are free to define our processes and do the configuration by ourselves. 

For what do you use Builderhead?

We use Builderhead daily and it helps us to lead our construction operations better. As mentioned before we have been able to standardize our processes with the help of project pipelines and task models. Besides that the software offers a variety of easy-to-use project management tools.

We can easily see where each project is going and what are the tasks we need to do next. We also collect all project-related notes there so now everyone knows what is happening and what has been decided during the weekly meetings.

How has Builderhead helped you with your work?

Builderhead has helped me to streamline my work. I now have better visibility into my own and my teammates’ tasks and overall project situation. At the same time, Builderhead has replaced complex spreadsheets and reduced unnecessary verification calls and messages.

From an organization-wide perspective, the software helps us coordinate work better and bring transparency to every stakeholder in the projects. 

Do you have comments about the development of Builderhead?

The development of Builderhead has been fast and new functionalities are coming at the right phase. It seems that the software is constantly evolving and comments are being taken into account quickly.

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