The construction business includes dozens of different functions such as planning, cooperation with authorities, procurement, site operations, and financial management. Today many of these functions can be improved with digital tools and software.

Digital tools can improve the quality, safety and on the top increase the profitability of projects. In addition to this, they save a considerable amount of manual work and nerves.

As the benefits are quite clear, where should you start?

Six digitalization tips for a construction company

1. Get a financial management software

Investing in modern financial management tools is the first thing you should do. Invoicing, payroll, and cost tracking can be easily automated with it. These tools will save your time and costs and what is the most important you will be able to forecast your business better.

2. Take your documents to the cloud

During the life cycle of a construction project, up to thousands of different documents are created. Not only do the lost files take time when searching but in the worst case, they expose projects to big risks. In addition, document management tools ensure that everyone has the right version of the documents.
There are several solutions for document management, all of which include Google Drive, Microsoft OneDrive, and Dropbox. In addition to this, several project management software offers various features for it.

3. Ensure best tools for project management

How do you monitor your tasks and stay on schedule? With project management software, you ensure that all stakeholders stay on the same page as your project’s progress, see current and upcoming tasks and get notifications if something is late.

4. Make your whole project portfolio visible

Visibility to the company’s project portfolio helps you to manage the business more efficiently. You will be able to see where the projects are going and the timeline for different projects. Besides, you will be able to see if there are enough “oats in the machine” at different stages.

5. Scale your bid management

Bidding management software will help you streamline your procurement. In future, you will be able to create, schedule, and track purchase packages, as well as get comparable offers.

Some of the ERP and project management systems in the construction industry offer a variety of tools for bid management.

6. Don’t forget the construction site

The daily life of construction sites can be made more efficient with the help of various tools and software, for example, monitoring safety, time and quality, and access control.

The market offers a variety of software to choose from. There are all-in-one construction management software and point solution software. If you need help choosing software, you can contact us. We are happy to help companies in the industry find the software that supports their operations.

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